Thursday, December 23, 2010

In the Beginning

Every Monday evening and Wednesday morning I'm amazed to see the women gather at Soul Sisters. This group actually started in a home 7rs. ago as a way to make some new friends and reach my neighbors for Christ. I never dreamed that someday the Lord would turn this living room home group into a thriving ministry for women.

I remember feeling extremely reluctant, unqualified and not knowledgeable enough to even lead the home group. But I had clearly heard God's voice telling me to do just that and rely on His power and not my own. I prayed for a spirit of boldness and He gave it to me. My prayer was for God to "blow my mind" with what He wanted to do in the group...7yrs later He continues to do just that!

When the Lord called me into vocational ministry over two years ago, He had big plans for Soul Sisters. Partnering with the Lord on this journey has been one of my greatest adventures. I'm so thankful I chose to obey in spite of all my insecurities and fears.

Every week as I watch my sisters gather, I reflect back to those early days. Obedience really does equal blessing and His steadfast goodness and faithfulness continue to overwhelm me. He is able to do "immeasureably more than all we could ever ask or imagine according to His power at work within us!" Ephesians 2:9

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