Sunday, January 17, 2010

REAL Men Wear Pink

The Sistas are off and running for 2010! We launched the New Year with a beautiful morning of fellowship, fun and encouragement with an inspirational word from Pastor John Stickl. He truly honored and encouraged our women and was a tremendous blessing to all!

Remember the challenge last semester between the Mighty Men of Merge and The Sisters of Soul, "The Battle of the Sexes" to see who had the most attendees at their groups? We had TONS of fun bantering back and forth as to who would win the challenge.

Just for the record...we ran neck and neck, but the Merge Men held steady and emerged victorious!! As much as I wanted to win that challenge, I can't think of a better victory than to know that our men are rising up as Mighty Men of God!! So AMEN to that one..I sure love you guys and as a Sister in Christ I applaud you!!!

Since Pastor John was making a guest appearance on opening day, he was presented with one of our pink bedazzled shirts as an honorary sister (his secret desire)! He graciously donned that hot pink, blinged out tee proving that REAL men really do wear pink!!

Thank you bro for being such a terrific sport, such a friend and such an encourager in Christ to myself and all our are a true ROCK STAR!!

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